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Designing and building concrete swimming pools for sports facilities and water parks, and private residential facilities. Sales and installation of plastic basins. Implementation of chemistry and related equipment. Full-service swimming pools
Company Moscow Pools - offers a full range of services. Designing, building swimming pools, plastic swimming pools sale, chemistry, pool and special equipment. From Moscow Pools dream of "home-Sea" on your site will become a reality.

Place an order for the construction of the pool in the company's Moscow Pools, you can be sure that your wildest fantasy would be fully implemented. The company has not only Moscow Pools usher pool according to your wishes, and in full compliance with the technical and aesthetic requirements.

Our experts will advise you detail on all issues. Tell in detail about the technological processes of construction, which entered into in itself - the construction of the pool, will help select the necessary equipment. At this stage it is expedient to make an order to design the pool to work out all the details.

To create the project is necessary to clarify several issues. Why do you need the construction of the pool - you want to stay in good shape, or create a cozy place to relax. Where will be pool: outdoor, at home, maybe in a separate building. What type of construction of the pool - landline or team.

Some of the important issues of designing the pool was the decision about how its production: concrete, plastic, on a wooden or metal frames and more. It is also necessary to determine the type of water exchange: flow or recirculation, the type of fence and water supply - overflow or skimmerny.
And, of course, before starting the construction of the pool, you should think about the shape, depth and dimensions.

Despite the most sophisticated customer requirements and possible difficulties specialists Moscow Pools easily perform various types of pool construction, with the mandatory quality control at all stages of work.

Credo Company Moscow Pools - an integrated approach in carrying out the order. All work, ranging from construction to installation bowls all necessary communications, carried out by our staff. What a positive impact on the quality of the pool and the safety of its operation.
Construction of the pool - not the branch where you want to save, so the company uses the Moscow Pools finishing and construction materials of the highest quality and most modern tools and equipment.

Collaboration with reliable manufacturers give us Moscow Pools to exercise flexibility in pricing policies and offer customers the latest products in about

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Moscow
Phone: + 7 (495) 649-61-68
Mobile phone: + 7 (916) 832-67-26
Fax: + 7 (495) 649-61-68
Contact person: Sergey

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